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Nike Air Rift, designed from the beginning to the Kenya runners, has become a classic brand of running shoes since 1995. After nearly 20 years of history, the brand recently launched the new Air Rift, became the Free Run series available 10th anniversary special projects in one of the design. With the hermit shoes again in front of everyone, in addition to the Air Rift brand has also added a new color design, the use of blue shoes vamp is shaping a new image. The new Air R cheap jordans for sale mens ift will be available exclusively from NikeLab on August 7th. nike-air-rift-sp-11.jpg (57.51 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Nike Air Rift SP brand new color 2014-8-6 10:48 upload Nike, Air Rift SP 00 reebok-space-boots-astronauts-3.jpg (639.38 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Reebok, Floatride, Space, Boot, SB-01 2017-7-19 upload at 10:52 reebok-space-boots-astronauts-1.jpg (290.73 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Reebok, Floa Cheap air jordans for sale tride, Space, Boot, SB-01 2017-7-19 upload at 10:52 reebok-space-boots-astronauts-2.jpg (380.14 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Reebok Floatride 〉nikelab-air-max-90-royal-1-1800x1080.jpg (318.78 KB, download times: 5) download attachment NikeLab Air Max 90 Royal 2016-10-10 upload at 21:27The shop of New York's 21 representative 1.jpg (131.03 KB, download times: 0) download attachment fragment, design, x, NikeLab, Air, Trainer, 1 2015-9-2 uplo cheap jordans for sale ad at 10:05 2.jpg (347.75 KB, download times: 0) download attachment fragment, design, x, NikeLab, Air, Trainer, 1 2015-9-2 upload at 10:05 3.jpg (141.9 KB, download times: 1) download attachment fragment, design, x, NikeLab, Air, Trainer, 1 2015-9-2 upload at 10:05 4.jpg (194.56 KB, download times: 1) download attachment fragment, design, x, NikeLab, Air, Trainer, 1 2015-9-2 10:05 upload design, representative, open, USA, Logo 00into the hot summer, the sc Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping orching sun, unbearably hot and can not stop riding friends riding. But in the summer, strong ultraviolet radiation, the skin and the body has a lot of adverse effects, and sometimes even fatal. In order to ride the health of the friends of the riding ring with a special combination of riding friends riding experience, to provide you with some knowledge of the summer ride, to protect the health and safety of summer riding. first, arrange reasonable riding time, intensity a Retro jordans for sale nd destination. 1. to ride in the early hours of the morning and evening hours. Now at half past four in the morning around the day before dawn, in the evening to about eight days to completely dark, and at high temperatures and strong ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, we need to avoid this time to our health adversely, try to make full use of time riding in the morning and the evening. And in the noon time, choose the right place (usually the destination) to play and rest cheap jordan shoes for men , so that both avoid the high temperature, and is not easy to sunburn. The 2. line should try to arrange in the road, the road smooth, along the shady line. In fact, this is the most troublesome in reality. 3. itinerary is generally arranged in 100 kilometers back and forth, and the continuous big uphill not more than 10 km. Leading to ride to control speed, riding speed control in the physical poor riding friends never struggle can also keep up with, general Ping Lu per h cheap foamposites our about 20 kilometers block in an hour about 15 kilometers, when the continuous uphill respectively according to the optimal economic speed riding. Need to pay attention to is to set up a way to rest and headed to inform you point a team gathering place and avoid physical poor riding friends trying to catch up. The 4. destination to choose cool water, diet, rest, it is best to play summer rest. At noon it is best to lie down and rest, but to prevent mosquito bites, the s Retro jordans for sale olution is to put up the whole tent in a cool place (inside the account). second, pay attention to sunscreen and dress. with the ozone layer to reduce, the intensity of ultraviolet radiation is more and more big. In medicine, strong ultraviolet radiation effects to the skin, light dermatitis, skin appears erythema, itching, blisters, edema, serious can cause skin cancer. Additional strong ultraviolet rays can cause eye cataracts. So don't ride in the summer because the wea Cheap air jordan 12 ovo ther is hot, ignore the protection of ultraviolet rays. summer because the sun light intensity, so for a long time in the sun, can easily lead to skin sunburn, generally clear weather when, everybody is very easy to notice to prevent sunburn. In fact, sometimes, the overcast weather, UV intensity, even gloomy weather, should also pay attention to the sun. methods to prevent sunburn have physical and chemical methods. The physical method is to wear anti UV coat, gloves, ma cheap jordans online sk and glasses, to reduce the exposure of the body. Chemical method is the use of sunscreen sunscreen, sunscreen smear product effective action time is not the same, and some can only be maintained for about 2 hours, but also with the sweat and failure, need to fill 〉child abdominal action varied, the following 9 major abdominal exercises. Each have basic movements and advanced action, every time the 3 groups, the specific number is adjusted according to their own circumstances! Both men and women, do not practice, summer was gone. 1. side abdominal volume points: lift the upper body and legs at the same time. Half 2. abdominal volume points: always stick to the waist, and exhale. support 3. sidepoints: keep the body upright, support arm shoulder force will hold up the body. 4.90 of abdominal volume points: neck relax, head can not be forced to move. 5. supine leg liftpoints: legs lifted the hips slightly off the ground 6. and characterspoints: keep hands hanging down, can not be completely relaxed. 7. back bike points: the bottom back always close to the ground 8. two from points: touch to the knee, head forced protrusion. 9. flat support points: the waist can not collapse, the buttocks can not be raised. source: neonanknown as the "Ninja shoes" of the Y-3 Qasa High has launched a new color, the color and the previous sale of khaki basic nearly, the main color changed to dark green, a change to black color style. The shoes of the classic degree and background needless to say, I believe it is your favorite fashion people, especially that the price is $400, I and other small grass root from ~ automatic Reebok re launched the new color version of The Pump Revenge. The shoe body with a large area of blue tone, white details embellished with a large white crystal base. It is reported that this section of Reebok The Pump Revenge is now available for sale.

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